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Spring Internet World 1997: 21st Century Publishing Strategies
March 12, 1997

Issues of content selection, content creation and production aspects.

U S WEST Media Group Invests in Student.Net Publishing
March 13, 1997

Englewood — March 13, 1997 — Today, U S WEST Interactive Services, a part of U S WEST Media Group (NYSE: UMG), acquired a 35 percent stake in Student.Net Publishing, an Internet publishing company founded in November 1995 by students at Yale University and Columbia University Universities. This is Student.Net Publishing’s first outside financing, and U S WEST Interactive is the sole investor.

Student.Net Publishing, based in New Haven, Conn., operates Student.Net (, a critically acclaimed World Wide Web site for college students. Students can read lively articles written by college journalists around the world on everything from quirky university personalities …

Wired News: Student.Net Graduates to Corporate Big Time
March 14, 1997

In a high-level form of corporate recruiting, US West announced Thursday that it is acquiring a 35 percent stake in Student.Net Publishing - the largely self-financed publisher of college-interest Web content run by a group of Yale and Columbia undergraduates. The deal represents the sixth Internet content partnership that the telecommunications giant has formed since last summer.

The Wall Street Journal: Denver May Be Seen as Model Of Flexibility in U.S. Markets
June 19, 1997

Denver’s main telecommunications company, U S West Inc., recently cut a seven-figure check for 21-year-old Yale senior Stewart Ugelow — a former summer intern at this newspaper — for a 35% stake in his Internet Web site, which publishes news-feature stories and data such as TV and concert listings for college students. Student.Net Publishing LLC is less than two years old, and none of its six founders has any prior business experience. “We don’t have anybody on staff yet old enough to rent a car. That’s one of our goals for our next hire,” Mr. Ugelow says.

Wired News: Design Dream Job - Student Site Goes Pro
September 11, 1997

That old Web rags-to-riches story - in which young webmasters toil at night for no pay and then greet a pile of corporate cash at the end of the tunnel - rings true again, this time in the offices of With an investment from US West phone and cable company, the student-run site has gone pro and needs a designer to give it a visual punch on a daily basis.

Rolling Stone: Masters of Business
October 16, 1997

Yale University
Along with five partners at Yale and Columbia in the fall of 1995, Ugelow started Student.Net Publishing, an online service that provides student-written articles, television listings, a dating service and a guide to student home pages. In March, U S West bought a 35 percent stake in the company.

Student.Net Launches Just Released
December 17, 1997

Cambridge, MA, (December 17, 1997) — Today Student.Net (, the Web site for college students, launches “Just Released,” a free and customizable e-mail reminder service and searchable database for current and upcoming movies, music, videos, and video games.
Just Released can be found on the Web at
Using Just Released, anyone can view complete lists of the current week’s releases of movies, CDs, videos, or games, or request complete week-by-week e-mail updates. These lists will be especially useful to students and others during the holiday season as shoppers finalize their last-minute gift lists. Users can also …