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Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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DiveIn to College Life Online
DiveIn and Student Net Publishing Partner To Provide Students With The Latest Campus News

DENVER (February 5, 1998) - What’s happening on campus this weekend? What does next semester’s class schedule look like? What’s the latest news around school? The city-based Web service DiveIn ( and Student Net Publishing’s Student.Com ( today announce an exclusive content partnership that will provide college students in ten major metropolitan areas with a city-specific version of Student.Com, the first independent Web site with original daily content to serve all aspects of college life.

Through the partnership, college students living in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle and the Twin Cities now have available a wide range of local entertainment, information and communications tools tailored to them. Users can participate in online campus discussions with fellow students, or link to their college newspaper to find out about the latest campus events. For a study break, the localized version of TVGrid (, a feature which creates customized television schedules, helps plan a night of entertainment. Or, access DiveIn’s comprehensive calendar of events to find out what’s happening around town.

Student.Com helps students stay connected with each other. Find the perfect date for the next social through “Yenta, the Matchmaker,” one of the site’s more popular features. Mom complaining you never call or write? Send her an e-mail through Mom-o-Matic, an electronic form letter that is easily personalized. Stay in touch with old friends at nearly 500 schools through a network of over 200,000 student homepages.

Users can easily toggle back and forth between DiveIn and Student.Com to collect the most useful information from each service. Through DiveIn users can find out more about what’s happening in city sports, entertainment, news, and more.

“Student.Com is a great addition to DiveIn’s broad range of content,” says DiveIn marketing director Kelly Ruebel. “Many college students are new to the city, living away from home for the first time. Together, DiveIn and Student.Com provide information about what’s happening at school and in the new city they are living in.”

“Now, Student.Com is the only major college life site to offer local information and content,” said Stewart Ugelow, CEO and founder of Student Net Publishing LLC. “We are always striving to be one step ahead and offer students what they really want, and this partnership with DiveIn brings our new localized content to more students.”

More About Student.Com

Student.Com is the first independent site with original daily content that serves all aspects of college life, produced by journalists who know what students want.

Student Net Publishing LLC was founded by students at Yale and Columbia universities in 1995 to provide college students with high quality online content. Today, it is the leading Internet publishing company led by a highly regarded management team. The company derives revenues from multiple sources including advertising, electronic commerce and content syndication.

More About DiveIn

Launched last April in ten U.S. cities (Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle and the Twin Cities) DiveIn is a one-stop resource for everything from local news, weather and TV listings, to tips on parenting and education, from restaurant listings to an extensive calendar of events.

DiveIn is a free Web service from U S WEST Interactive, a unit of U S WEST Media Group. U S Media Group (NYSE: UMG), one of America’s largest broadband communications companies, is involved in domestic and international cable and telephony, wireless communications and directory and information services. For 1996, U S WEST Media Group had proportionate pro forma revenue of $8.1 billion.