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Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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Second Largest Broadband Services Provider MediaOne distributes Student Net Publishing's TVGrid.Com content and technology by offerring free and customizable daily TV listings.

DENVER, CO (February 10, 1998) — MediaOne today announces the availability of MediaOne SearchTV, a TV listing service made available through the private-label distribution of Student Net Publishing's TVGrid.Com content and technology. MediaOne SearchTV, found online at, gives MediaOne Express customers access to the most comprehensive television listings nationwide in a personalized and easy-to-access online interface.

MediaOne is the broadband services arm of US West Media Group (NYSE: UMG). MediaOne Express is the company's high-speed Internet access service that provides access to the Internet at speeds 50 times faster than conventional telephone dial-up services.

"By using our integrated turnkey solution, any online destination can bring their users the most comprehensive and up-to-date TV listings in a customizable, free and easy-to-use experience," said Stewart Ugelow, CEO and founder of Student Net Publishing. "Whether you want to know whether ER will be a re-run or plan a weekend movie marathon, TVGrid.Com technology brings users all the answers they need to make decisions about what's worth watching."

Powered by TVGrid.Com, MediaOne SearchTV combines comprehensive and accurate listings with advanced search capabilities, a built-in e-mail reminder system, zip code channel mapping technology, an easily personalized interface, and built-in show specific content and context. With just a few clicks, users can read reviews of movies from the nation's leading newspapers or search for relevant Web sites.

For example, a parent can easily search for shows featuring age-appropriate content, while sports fans can map out the game schedule for their favorite teams and set-up an e-mail reminder service so they won't forget to tune in.

"MediaOne is committed to providing our broadband customers with the latest technology to help simplify their lives and enhance their viewing experience. MediaOne Search TV is an innovative service that ties together our Internet and Cable TV offering enabling our customers to navigate through the many programming choices available to them," said Will Richmond, vice president of business development for MediaOne.

Student Net Publishing LLC

Student Net Publishing LLC, was founded by students at Yale and Columbia universities in 1995 to provide college students with high-quality online content. Today, it is a leading Internet publishing company led by a highly-regarded management team. The company derives revenue from multiple sources including advertising, electronic commerce, and content syndication.

Its award-winning Web site, Student.Com, is the first independent site with original daily content that serves all aspects of college life, produced by journalists who know what students want.


MediaOne, a unit of US West Media Group (NYSE: UMG), is the nation's leading broadband services company, providing more than 5 million subscribers in 19 states with entertainment, information, and communications services. US West Media is involved in domestic and international cable and telephony, wireless communications, and directory and information services. For 1996, Media Group reported proportionate pro forma revenues of $8.1 billion.

Media Group is one of two major groups that make up US West, a company in the connections business, helping customers share information, entertainment, and communications services in local markets worldwide. US West's other major group, US West Communications, provides telecommunications services in 14 states.