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Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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August 2, 1995

No matter how hard you try to convince it otherwise, your computer won’t cook for you.

But it may become one of the most important tools in your kitchen.

Long before there was cyberspace or the information superhighway, computer makers had food fans in mind.

The makers of the first personal computers thought people would use them to store recipes. Very quickly, they found out otherwise: Pencil and paper did just fine for most folks.

But with the emergence of the Internet, the global link of computer networks, people have started talking about computers and cooking again.

Food lovers are flocking to the Internet. There …

Hot Bytes Sidebar: Internet offerings vary
August 2, 1995

Selecting recipes or nutrition information from the Internet isn’t like consulting your favorite cookbook. Most of the information has been placed there by individuals and the quality varies.

Some sites are lovingly crafted tributes to favorite foods that are rich in description but short on information. Others are simply online advertisements.

Keep in mind that the Internet is global and that most of the world measures their recipes on the metric system. Even the definition of a pint varies from country to country. So be careful when converting recipes.

Be wary of any online site that asks you to send your credit card …

Hot Bytes Sidebar: A sample of tasty sites
August 2, 1995

There are three types of food information resources on the Internet:

Mailing lists, essentially an ongoing conversation by electronic mail. You need to sign up for these, and messages are delivered directly to you via e-mail.

Newsgroups, the equivalent of a global bulletin board where anyone interested can post or read messages without registering.

Sites on the World Wide Web, which link Internet resources. The Web allows you to follow highlighted links to other resources .

Here are some sites that may whet your appetite. You can use searching tools like Yahoo and WebCrawler to find food resources elsewhere.

World Wide Web

Chocolate Lover’s Page, a …

Greenbrier Symposium for Professional Food Writers 2002: Outside Observations
March 23, 2002

Instead of creating a product and then finding an audience to sell it to, you will need to create an audience and then find out what products they want to buy.