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College Journalists Launch Daily Online Newsmagazine
December 7, 1995

NEW HAVEN, CT (December 7, 1995) — College journalists from across the country today launched Student.Net, the first daily online college newsmagazine ever.

Students from Yale, Columbia, Northwestern, Georgetown, and other universities have collaborated in a "virtual newsroom" for months to create Student.Net, which can be found on the Internet's World Wide Web at "" and is accessible from all the major commercial online services. Unlike other sites aimed at college students, content on Student.Net is created entirely by journalists — not corporate marketers. "Too much of what's online is advertising disguised as content," said …

U S WEST Media Group Invests in Student.Net Publishing
March 13, 1997

Englewood — March 13, 1997 — Today, U S WEST Interactive Services, a part of U S WEST Media Group (NYSE: UMG), acquired a 35 percent stake in Student.Net Publishing, an Internet publishing company founded in November 1995 by students at Yale University and Columbia University Universities. This is Student.Net Publishing’s first outside financing, and U S WEST Interactive is the sole investor.

Student.Net Publishing, based in New Haven, Conn., operates Student.Net (, a critically acclaimed World Wide Web site for college students. Students can read lively articles written by college journalists around the world on everything from quirky university personalities …

Student.Net Launches Just Released
December 17, 1997

Cambridge, MA, (December 17, 1997) — Today Student.Net (, the Web site for college students, launches “Just Released,” a free and customizable e-mail reminder service and searchable database for current and upcoming movies, music, videos, and video games.
Just Released can be found on the Web at
Using Just Released, anyone can view complete lists of the current week’s releases of movies, CDs, videos, or games, or request complete week-by-week e-mail updates. These lists will be especially useful to students and others during the holiday season as shoppers finalize their last-minute gift lists. Users can also …

Student.Com Partners With Northern Light
February 2, 1998

Cambridge, MA, February 2, 1998 — Northern Light ( , the world’s first research engine, and Student Net Publishing’s Student.Com ( , the first independent Web site with original daily content that serves all aspects of college life, have announced a business alliance to provide access to quality information for the college market.
Each of Student.Com’s 45,000-plus members will receive a $25 credit from Northern Light. Using a co-branded Northern Light/Student.Com Web page, Student.Com members can use this credit to access information quickly and easily on any topic from the Web and from Northern Light’s Special Collection of over …

Student.Com Investigation Reveals Skyrocketing Ritalin Abuse
February 5, 1998

CAMBRIDGE, MA (February 5, 1998) — Student.Com, the Web site for college students, reports today that college students are increasingly abusing the prescription drug Ritalin on campuses nationwide. The article is the first to document the trend with evidence from a variety of colleges across the nation.
“This story tells the truth about Ritalin abuse, that for some college students, it has become as popular as Coca Cola and coffee as a study aid,” said Chris Johnson, Student.Com managing editor.
Ritalin is the brand name for methylphenidate, a prescription drug manufactured by Novartis that helps to alleviate …

DiveIn to College Life Online
February 5, 1998

DENVER (February 5, 1998) - What’s happening on campus this weekend? What does next semester’s class schedule look like? What’s the latest news around school? The city-based Web service DiveIn ( and Student Net Publishing’s Student.Com ( today announce an exclusive content partnership that will provide college students in ten major metropolitan areas with a city-specific version of Student.Com, the first independent Web site with original daily content to serve all aspects of college life.
Through the partnership, college students living in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle and the Twin Cities now have available a …

MediaOne and TVGrid.Com Announce SearchTV
February 10, 1998

DENVER, CO (February 10, 1998) — MediaOne today announces the availability of MediaOne SearchTV, a TV listing service made available through the private-label distribution of Student Net Publishing's TVGrid.Com content and technology. MediaOne SearchTV, found online at, gives MediaOne Express customers access to the most comprehensive television listings nationwide in a personalized and easy-to-access online interface.

MediaOne is the broadband services arm of US West Media Group (NYSE: UMG). MediaOne Express is the company's high-speed Internet access service that provides access to the Internet at speeds 50 times faster than conventional telephone dial-up services.

"By using our integrated …

Zip2 To Distribute Student.Com's Award Winning Content to 152 Online Newspapers Nationwide
March 16, 1998

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (March 16, 1998) — Student Net Publishing’s Student.Com (, the first independent Web site with original daily content to serve all aspects of college life, today announces a distribution partnership with Zip2 Corporation ( ), the leading provider of local online city guides and directories for newspapers and other local media companies.
Zip2 will integrate Student.Com’s award winning content into its comprehensive, dynamic local content which is distributed through its nationwide network of 152 online newspapers. Visitors to the Zip2 site searching for student or college related keywords will also be directed to Student.Com content. Student.Com …

Student.Com Partners With JobDirect.Com
April 28, 1998

Cambridge, MA (April 28, 1998) — Graduation is just around the corner, and students nationwide are scrambling to find summer internships and entry-level positions. Student Net Publishing’s Student.Com ( ), the first independent Web site with original daily content to serve all aspects of college life, is helping to make that search a little easier this year with the launch of its student job-search service. Found at, the co-branded area is made possible through a strategic partnership with ( ), the leading online database for employers to target, search and find prospective job candidates from the college …

Student.Com Partners With Rent.Net
May 4, 1998

Cambridge, MA (May 4, 1998) — Student Net Publishing’s Student.Com (, the first independent Web site with original daily content to serve all aspects of college life, today announces a content alliance with Rent.Net ( ), the most visited and comprehensive rental guide on the Internet.
Through the partnership, a co-branded area on Student.Com will be developed where students can search for apartments, moving equipment and storage facilities both in the United States and internationally.
The co-branded area will be launched in conjunction with Student.Com’s “Get Set For Summer” guide, an informational section about how to find …

Student.Com Partners With Excite
May 19, 1998

Cambridge, MA (May 19, 1998) — Student Net Publishing's Student.Com (, the first independent Web site with original daily content to serve all aspects of college life, today announces a content distribution agreement with Excite ( This agreement solidifies Student.Com's position as the preeminent site for college life, and increases Excite's continued expansion of its College area.

Through the partnership, Student.Com's award-winning college content, tools and services will be integrated into and prominently featured within Excite's Career & Education channel. Students using Excite will have easy access to Student.Com's editorial content including college and university news, sports and campus information.

"Students, more …

AltaVista Adds U.S. & Canadian Television Listings From TVGrid.Com
November 4, 1998

Cambridge, Mass. (November 4, 1998) — TVGrid.Com (, the most comprehensive and accurate personalized television listings service on the Internet, today announces an exclusive four-year agreement with Compaq's AltaVista Internet Guide, (, and OneZero Media, (, the producers of "Wild Wild Web" and AltaVista's Entertainment channel. Users can access their personal listings by visiting AltaVista and clicking on "Entertainment" and "TV Listings."

Under the agreement TVGrid.Com becomes the exclusive TV listings content provider to both OneZero Media's and Compaq's AltaVista Internet Guide. Through the partnership a customized TV listing solution for AltaVista and OneZero Media is featured within AltaVista's Entertainment …

Student.Com and TVGrid.Com to Receive $7.5M Financial Package from ULLICO
August 31, 1999

Boston, MA (August 31, 1999) — Today sister companies Student.Com, Inc. and TVGrid.Com, Inc. closed on a $7.5M round of financing with ULLICO. The funds will be used to support the strategic initiatives of both companies.

"There has been a long-standing affinity between students and the labor movement. ULLICO's support is evidence of their insights into the issues affecting college students, many of whom are the children of their members," said Stewart Ugelow, Chief Executive of Student.Com. "ULLICO's investment represents an endorsement of our strategy and of our market. They see many opportunities for our growth."

About ULLICO Inc.
ULLICO was founded in …